No stranger to TV viewers for the better part of the last twenty years, Jonathan just wrapped his 10th year playing Dr. Morales,
a role he originated in the critically acclaimed The Closer and continued on it’s hit spin-off Major Crimes. In addition,
Jonathan was most recently on NCIS and The Crazy Ones with his childhood idol Robin Williams.
He has been part of the television landscape with memorable appearances in countless television shows
including: Nip/Tuck, The DA, The Sopranos, 24, Doll House, American Dreams, Crossing Jordan, Huff, The Division,
First Monday, Sisters, Grosse Pointe, Star Trek: Voyager, Pearl, The Mommies, The Wonder Years, Blossom,
Boy Meets World and Miami Vice.
He also appeared in the films True Right, The Mambo Kings and Lost Angels.
But he earned cult (and action figure) status among Star Trek fans worldwide with his portrayal
of the lovable Hugh Borg on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Jonathan was born in Uruguay and came to the states at the age of ten when his parents settled in Port Chester,
a suburb of New York City. When he was old enough to ride the trains on his own, Jonathan would trek
to the city to catch the latest plays and enrolled in acting classes. When he turned eighteen, he joined
the company of the Broadway hit Torch Song Trilogy and toured the country along with Golden Girl Estelle Getty
in what was considered a highly controversial gay play. Many other Broadway and off Broadway
plays followed before Jonathan settled in Los Angles to pursue a television and film career.

While in Los Angeles, Jonathan found a new passion: social activism and politics. He worked on behalf of
environmental causes, gay rights, state initiatives, anti-bullying efforts, and four presidential
Campaigns, most recently as a celebrity surrogate on the campaign trail.

For the past several years, Jonathan has been the keynote speaker at various human rights conferences,
both non-profit and corporate in which he shares his coming out story as a gay man and
an immigrant and his early childhood struggles with bullying and discrimination.